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Knossos - Plateau of Lassithi

Knossos - Plateau of Lassithi
Knossos - Plateau of Lassithi
Knossos - Plateau of Lassithi Knossos - Plateau of Lassithi Knossos - Plateau of Lassithi

Knossos is the landmark of Crete; the place where myth meets history. Knossos was the capital of the Minoan state, which was the first European civilization. Here you will have a guided tour and you will learn about King Minos, his daughter Ariadne, and of course, the mythical Minotaur that lived in a maze, the so-called Labyrinth. The marvelous architectural plan of Daedalus, the rare and luxurious materials, the advanced techniques of construction, the elaborate drainage system and the size of the palace make it one of the most amazing sights on the island.
Leaving Knossos, we continue to the historical Monastery of Kera Kardiotissa, a monastery inhabited and run by nuns, which is located in an idyllic landscape. Here you can admire the miraculous icon of Virgin Mary, plenty of frescoes and a variety of other icons, dating back to the 14th century. 
The Lassithi Plateau, our next stop, is situated 850m higher than the sea level. It is surrounded by the Dikti Mountains and 18 quaint villages, which still retain the atmosphere of another era. You can admire the remaining famous windmills and the Venetian ditches, the drainage system of the plateau. The most famous village is the village of Psychro. Here you can visit the Dicteon Cave, which is said to have been the place where Zeus, the father of the Greek ancient gods, was born. 

Tzermiado, the capital of the villages on the plateau, will amaze you with its natural beauty, its breathtaking views and its traditional architecture. Here you can take pictures of the wonderful landscape, rest for a while and enjoy your lunch in one of the local taverns.

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